Wraparound Services

by teachingcognitively

In the Alternative Program I work in we have been discussing what ways we can proactively help to support students to be successful in school.  We know this means that basic needs (food, housing, clothing, security and mental health) need to be met before we can ask them to “do” school.  I know we are not the first group of educators to tackle this topic so I have been very interested in reading about and learning from individuals and/or groups who are working on these challenges.  Here is the list I’ve been inspired from so far.  I am hoping that others will add and comment on this really important topic.  I am constantly reminded “I don’t teach SCIENCE, I teach CHILDREN/PEOPLE science”.  

Patricia A. Spradley Springfield, MA Parent Academy

Tiffany Anderson Superintendent Jennings, MO

Holistic Life Foundation

Habits of Mind Curriculum:Community School of Vermont

Brainology Growth Mindset Curriculum