I am a teacher who is interested in cognitive science and how it applies to teaching. I originally started this blog after attending a Learning and the Brain Conference. When I inquired about a pH.D program to a presenter he said I should work on creating something and don’t necessary need a new degree. I had gone after reading Daniel Willingham’s book “Why Don’t Students Like School?” and in the spirit of “Julia and Julia” decided to try to teach through his book. At that time I was in my 6th year teaching 5th and 6th grade math and mixed age (5th/6th grade) science in a small, rural, charter school. For 2 years before that I previously taught middle-school (7th and 8th grade science) in a large Urban school. Since then I have moved to teach science in an alternative program at a mid-sized public high school in the same rural setting. In all the craziness I never got to the “Julie and Julia” blog plan. However, I did read a lot of people via Twitter and finally got inspired again to contribute and share. It has been a crazy year of starting all over again but I am learning a lot and excited to share and discuss.

Outside the classroom, I have 3 beagles and a 2 year old. I like to exercise mostly for vanity and sanity.